Thursday, November 23, 2017

Our Mission

To bring together NOAA inventors and U.S. companies in mutually productive relationships, maximizing the benefit of public money invested in research and development.

Kelly Wright

t.  301-628-1009 

   Derek Parks 
   Program Manager
   t.  301-628-1010 

    Vince Garcia 
    Program Manager
    SBIR Program
    t. 301-628-1011

Danielle Conklin, M.S.
Program Management 
Support Specialist 
(VMSI Contractor)
t. 301-628-1012 

Erin Agobert 
Technology Outreach & 
t. 301-628-1013 

Vince Garcia, Program Manager
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program
t. 301-628-1011

Contact Us

NOAA Technology Partnerships Office
1305 East West Highway, SSMC4, Room 7602
Silver Spring, MD 20910

F: 301-713-4100

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