Thursday, November 23, 2017

Selling to NOAA 

To sell your technologies and services to NOAA, please refer to the Federal Government's single resource for open procurement opportunities:  FedBizOps.   

License NOAA Technologies

NOAA has a number of new, innovative technologies developed in our labs that are available for direct licensing. Please check our Open Licensing Opportunities for the latest list of available technologies

Partnering With NOAA

NOAA Labs and Programs are able to engage with the private sector in a variety of research and development activities using the mechanisms below.  Contact the NOAA TPO to learn more.        

Test Facilities

  • National Weather Service Sterling Field Support Center :  The Sterling Field Support Center (SFSC) provides operational support to field personnel through a combination of sensor testing, analysis and contact center support. The SFSC is responsible for the research, testing, and development of a variety of meteorological systems. These systems include the Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS), Radiosonde Replacement System (RRS), and Cooperative Observer Program (COOP). 
  • Ocean Technology Development Tank:  The development and application of advanced ocean observing technologies is rapidly escalating as electronic and optic components become smaller, more capable and less expensive.  However, construction of seawater tank facilities for testing and calibrating these new technologies in controlled environments is virtually non-existent. Although several facilities in the U.S. and abroad have some form of a test tank, the SWFSC Ocean Technology Development Tank is the only large sea- and fresh-water test tank facility in the world with thermohaline control. It will fill the gap in developing and testing these technologies so they can be deployed to improve the quality, quantity and efficiency of NOAA’s research and monitoring operations.

If you are not familiar with NOAA, you can review the capabilities and lab facilities sections to learn about our current capabilities.  Please contact our office or the lab directly for more information on any of the above collaboration opportunities.


Wind Profiler

Wind Profiler:  A Tech Transfer Success Story

Twenty years ago, NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory began a cooperative R&D effort with and Vaisala, Inc.  During that time, NOAA technical staff provided expertise for the electronic signal processing in data acquisition and interpretation,  while Vaisala added real time customer requirements.  The end result was a better product for both research and Vaisala customers, in addition to royalties for the lab, and many sales for the company.