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LICENSING OPPORTUNITY: Stationary Tether for Bathymetric Buoys

Patent Pending

Thursday, February 6, 2014

LICENSING OPPORTUNITY:  Stationary Tether for Bathymetric Buoys

NOAA is currently seeking licensees for this patent-pending technology.

The Stationary Tether for a Bathymetric Buoy provides a low-cost, alternative method of collecting oceanographic data profiles in fixed locations without the need for expensive moored buoys that are increasingly subject to damage and vandalism on the open ocean.

The tether allows the use of a very inexpensive simple nylon mooring that does not have a surface expression (such as a floating buoy), and is thus not detectable by fishing vessels or other vessels that tend to vandalize floating buoys. This invention provides an innovative alternative to collecting data at much less cost per system, and with minimal risk of vandalism.

If you are interested in learning more about this patent pending device or would like to license the invention, please complete and return the NOAA Licensing Application form.

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