Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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S-Curve Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer (U.S. Patent Pending)

Monday, April 4, 2016

S-Curve Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer (U.S. Patent Pending)


Time-of‐flight mass spectrometers are commonly used in analytical chemistry and many other applications. They contain a region where ions travel toward a detector. NOAA scientists have developed a new geometry that has improved performance over existing designs.

The new innovation is to use two successive sectors, with the second one reversed, in a geometry resembling an “s”. The result is that the output ion beam is parallel to the input ion beam and that the entire geometry folds into a very compact volume. A second benefit to the design is that certain higher-order aberrations cancel when the ion beam makes two identical but opposed turns (e.g. a right-hand turn followed by a left-hand turn).

NOAA is seeking qualified licensees to manufacture and sell this US Patent Pending device.  Interested companies should contact the NOAA TPO at NOAA.TPO@noaa.gov for more information. 

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